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Where is parker house furniture made?

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Where is parker house furniture made?

Parker House Furniture is a furniture manufacturer known for its expert craftsmanship and quality materials that have been making residential and commercial furniture for more than four decades. While the company has changed locations over the years, it is currently based out of San Leandro, California and has been since 1989.

The team at Parker House Furniture takes great pride in the construction of each piece they manufacture. All of their pieces are crafted with top quality hardwoods like birch, oak, maple and other North American species to create stunning heirloom-quality pieces that will last generations. With production facilities in both North America and Asia, Parker House uses a blend of traditional woodworking methods as well as advanced wood joins combined with state-of-the-art technologies to fabricate beautiful living spaces that combine comfort with modern style aesthetics.

From traditional leather furniture like recliners to contemporary collections like chic sectionals and accent chairs tailored with high grade fabrics – there are countless varieties that Parker House offers when it comes to furnishing your home or office space. And all you have to do is pick one!

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What company produces Parker House Furniture?

Parker House Furniture is produced by the California-based furniture manufacturer, American Pacific, Inc. The company has been around since 1946 and offers a wide variety of living room and office furniture products.

Their Parker House line includes upholstered sofas and chairs in traditional designs as well as stationary sectionals, power recliners, TV stands, ottomans, chaises and sleeper sets. They also offer collection pieces such as coffee tables and end tables with a variety of finishes available including cherry veneers and espresso brown hardwoods.

American Pacific puts an emphasis on providing quality craftsmanship at competitive prices while building relationships with their customers that go beyond just producing great furniture! In addition to the majority of their new products being done in the USA, they are also continuously looking for innovative ways to make their materials more sustainable from sources like plantation teak from eco-friendly forests overseas.

Parker House Furniture offers uncompromising value for shoppers who have both homesharing or budget furnishing needs alike! Their team of skilled craftsmen are dedicated to creating pieces that not only look good but will hold up over time through wear-and-tear making them an ideal choice for any home décor need.

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Is Parker House Furniture manufactured in the USA?

Parker House Furniture is a well-known brand in the industry and has been producing quality pieces since 1946. But, is it manufactured in the United States? The short answer is yes! All of Parker House Furniture pieces are actually manufactured in California and create jobs for people within the US economy. This makes it both a locally-sourced product and an excellent choice for those who want their furniture to be made in America. What’s great about Parker House Furniture, too, is that they prioritize sustainability as much as possible when sourcing materials and constructing products. Their designs use wood from sustainably-managed forests while utilizing minimal toxic chemicals throughout all processes to keep their carbon footprint low. Many collections even come with 100% recycled packaging! Because all of Parker House Furniture's production happens stateside, you can be certain that each product meets the highest standards of quality control for furniture craftsmanship. The final result are beautiful solid wood pieces offered at competitive prices so everyone can enjoy a piece of American furniture manufacturing excellence right in their own home.

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What materials are used to make Parker House Furniture?

When it comes to classic, timeless furniture designs steeped in classic elegance, few names are as renowned as Parker House Furniture. Family owned since 1946, and with roots stretching back over 50 years prior to that, Parker House is a trusted name in home furnishings whose pieces grace many modern homes. But what materials make up the signature look of this signature furniture brand?

Parker House focuses on building their furniture from quality, solid wood materials like hardwood solids and premium select wood veneers like cherry wood, cherry and mahogany. Their attention to detail is evident in every piece; each is carefully constructed using the finest joinery techniques for increased strength and lasting durability. The unique look of their furnishing gain added depth through handcrafted accents such as antique brass hardware or distressing that adds character to each individual piece - no two are truly alike!

Further contributing to their stunning finish is the high-quality finishes they choose: lacquers designed specifically for furniture applications that won't yellow or deteriorate over time. Their finishes are applied by skilled artisans who know exactly how much protective coating will give each item a brilliant sheen while preserving the natural grain of th

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Is Parker House Furniture sold in retail stores?

The answer to the question "Is Parker House Furniture sold in retail stores?" is yes! Parker House Furniture provides a wide range of options to fit the needs of both contemporary and traditional spaces. From cozy bedroom suites to sophisticated living room collections, Parker House Furniture has something for everyone.

When it comes to purchasing furniture from retailers, you’ll have the opportunity to explore a variety of styles and collections from Parker House at many brick-and-mortar stores throughout the nation. From modern designs with sleek lines and curves that lend an airy feel, to more classic furnishings with wood grains and cozy textures—whatever your style or budget demands, you can find it here.

In addition, you can even opt in for custom pieces if you want something truly special! Whether it's a sectional sofa or storage bed set that perfectly fits your space or a one-of–a-kind piece crafted just for your home décor needs—there are plenty of options when shopping at local retailers.

What’s more? Certain stores can even offer online ordering so shopping is as easy as ever; all while giving customers personalized customer service no matter where they’re located. The real beauty about this? Buying furniture at local retail stores gives shoppers peace of mind when it comes time for delivery and installation because these services are often managed by knowledgeable staff members certified in assembling larger purchases like furniture sets from leading brands such as Parker House Furniture.

So whether you're looking for couch sets ideal for family movie night gatherings with friends or dressers guaranteed last more than a decade with proper care—Parker House Furniture is here when making decorating choices count!

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What country does Parker House Furniture come from?

While the Parker House furniture brand has been around for nearly fifty years and is based out of California, the company actually sources many of its components from all over the world. Many woods used in creating this furniture come from countries like Brazil and Indonesia, as do some of the fabrics used on some of their more upholstered pieces. In addition to this, they purchase metals such as brass and aluminum from places like China specifically for use in their design.

It's interesting to note that while much (or even most) of Parker House Furniture's materials originate abroad, the craftsmanship and assembly processes occur right there in California – a testament to how they take pride in creating quality products with locally sourced labor. This commitment is part of a larger trend towards responsible global sourcing; brands such as Parker House are making it easier than ever for people both inside and outside America to secure quality goods without contributing excessively to any one country’s economy or environment.

To conclude, although many components that go into each piece may have been sourced from somewhere else around world, most would agree thatParker House Furniture truly proudly calls America its home!

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Is Parker House Furniture handmade?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. Some of the pieces offered by Parker House are handmade while other furniture pieces are mass produced.

Parker House is a leading manufacturer of fine home furnishings and has been in business since 1946, with experienced craftsmen creating pieces that have classic style and beautiful detailing. When it comes to traditional pieces such as dining room tables, chairs, armoires or bookcases that have intricate trim work or details like beading or inlays, these items are crafted by hand onsite at their factory in North Carolina. Each piece is carefully crafted with the same attention to detail that has been passed down through generations of talented artisans ensuring customers they will enjoy an heirloom quality piece of furniture for years to come.

On the other hand though, many modern collections including entertainment centers, media consoles and wall systems feature more contemporary designs which are mass-produced rather than handmade according to customer specifications; however it should be noted these too contain features such as multi-step finishes applied by skilled craftsmen so they still maintain high quality. Customers can always access detailed product information directly from either Parker House website page or call their customer service line where they will receive further assurance each item was inspected prior to shipment from the factory so customers can rest assured their purchase will stand the test of time without any issues due its high quality construction standards.

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Related Questions

Who is Parker House furniture?

Parker House is a furniture manufacturer from California that produces a wide variety of home furnishings.

Does Parker House furniture use particleboards?

No, Parker House does not use particleboards in their manufacturing process.

What is the most popular product manufactured by Parker House?

The most popular product manufactured by Parker House are entertainment centers and wall units for the living room/den area of homes/apartments.

What kind of wood does Parker furniture use?

Parker furniture uses solid hardwoods such as cherry and poplar to produce its products, with select veneers used on certain pieces where needed structurally or aesthetically where appropriate.

Is Parker House furniture good quality?

Yes, Parker House is known to provide good quality long-lasting furniture at an affordable price point thanks to its commitment to using high-quality materials like solid hardwoods in their construction process..

How long has Parker House been in business?

Since 1979, when Bennett Cisnerios started the company in Grand Terrace, California with just $200 and began handcrafting beds out of his garage at nights after working all day as a machinist at Pratt & Whitney Aircraft

Is Parker House furniture made of particleboard?


Is Parker House a good brand?


What is Parker House furniture?

Parker House offers high-quality residential and commercial furniture, including sofas, recliners, beds, home office desks, etc.

Who is the founder of the Parker Company?

Paul Mazor was the founder of the Parker Company in 1946.

What is the warranty on Parker House furniture?

The warranty varies by product type; please contact a store near you for more details on warranties offered on individual products and collections.

Is the Parker House still in use today?

Yes, it is still in use today

When was the Parker House Hotel built?

The Parker House Hotel was built in 1855.

What is the history of the Omni Parker House?

The Omni Parker House is one of Boston's oldest hotels and restaurants, having opened its doors to travelers in 1854. Its history includes notable guests such as presidents, authors, celebrities and more.

Are Parker products reliable?

Parker products are generally reliable due to their high standards for manufacturing quality products that meet customer expectations.

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