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Where is four hands furniture made?

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Where is four hands furniture made?

If you're looking for high-quality, handcrafted furniture with a classic yet modern sensibility, then Four Hands furniture is the perfect fit. With over 30 years of experience in home furnishings and design, Four Hands is one of the top names in luxury furniture and standouts from their collections can be seen in many high-end homes around the world.

But where exactly do they make these extraordinary pieces? Well, all of their products are crafted by artisans who work out of carefully selected family workshops located throughout Vietnam and India. This enables them to source unique materials such as richly detailed hardwoods like mango wood as well as intricate gold accents while also providing employment opportunities to local workers. Plus, this global creative community allows Four Hands to bring fresh new style trends to consumers around the world quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality or craftsmanship.

Although their emphasis on details can be seen throughout all of their production processes such as precise joinery techniques that preserve the integrity of every piece for generations; it's exceptionally clear from first sight how much care goes into each product that is produced by Four Hands furniture makers - no matter where it's made.

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What country does Four Hands Furniture originate from?

Four Hands Furniture is a premier home décor brand with pieces blending organic and traditional styles. Based in Austin, Texas, the home furnishings company was founded in 1996 and features stylish furniture for the modern lifestyle. While the company’s headquarters are located in the United States, Four Hands furniture is actually produced in several countries around the world. Depending on what type of product you are looking for, your furniture might be coming from India, China or Indonesia.

In addition to their production vendors situated outside of North America, Four Hands also has five international locations dedicated towards sales and service. These offices are based out of Europe (the UK and Netherlands), Australia/New Zealand and South East Asia (Singapore). The brand also has an experimental European factory located in Lithuania set up just a few years ago whereby customers can order customized furniture built according to their own unique style specifications.

Finally, Four Hands Furniture draws inspiration from all around the world! They use these outside influences to create unique designs that mix traditional sensibilities with contemporary ideas – making sure that whatever it is you want to make your house feel like a home can come straight from them!

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How long has Four Hands Furniture been in business?

Four Hands Furniture has been in business since 1996 and has quickly grown into one of the leading home furnishings providers in the United States. Founded by entrepreneurs Jiman Baksh and Bill Crawley, Four Hands takes pride in offering uniquely designed and quality crafted pieces that appeal to all generations. Since then, Four Hands Furniture has garnered an impressive list of awards for its products, designs, and craftsmanship. They have received more than 70 prestigious industry awards in the 20 years since their launch - including "Best furniture brand" from Veranda magazine every year since 2010, as well as multiple High Point International Design Awards for their outdoor collection among many others. In addition to expanding its product line over the years, Four Hands is also focused on sustainability within their production line-up and follows a zero-waste pledge whenever possible by repurposing fabrics that might otherwise be discarded. This commitment to sustainability further enables them to provide furniture with lasting quality for people who value longevity alongside beautiful design elements that transition through time - making it a favorite home furnishings partner for design professionals across all industries. The success of this venture comes from thoughtful products combined with superior customer service – making sure you get exactly what you’re looking for! Thanks to reliable and accountable designs from Four Hands Furniture over two decades on duty now - we can still enjoy essential high-end pieces at affordable prices!

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What type of materials does Four Hands Furniture use for manufacturing?

Four Hands Furniture is renowned for producing high-quality furniture that stands the test of time. They use only the finest materials during their manufacturing process to ensure that every piece of furniture they craft can last you a lifetime. Four Hands' furniture is made with sustainably sourced materials, including solid hardwoods like oak, maple, and walnut; sustainable bamboo and painted woods; stainless steel; fabric and leathers such as cotton, wool, velvet, and polyester blend fabrics; metal alloys like aluminum and iron; glass table tops; stone counter tops ;and ceramics in tile marquetry designs.

Because Four Hands works tirelessly to provide clients with beautiful pieces that are traditional yet timelessly modern-looking, they also work diligently to always source the most durable materials available on the market today. This means their products have superior structural integrity so all your walls will always stay looking impeccable for years to come. From wood veneers or solid hardwood frames to hand-sewn upholstery (which includes a variety of stuffing options from foam to feathers) - Four Hands make sure each piece is fabricated with robust products in order for them to be reliable investments for many years ahead.

To sum it up: All in all, Four Hand Furniture's dedication towards creating lasting pieces from quality materials provides consumers with beauty and strength combined into one piece of art! So if you’re looking for a luxury investment piece that won’t disappoint when it comes down even decades later - definitely look into purchasing a set made by Four Hand Furniture!

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Are Four Hands Furniture products sold in stores or online only?

Four Hands Furniture is the perfect way to add personality and style to any living space! With their stunning mix of modern designs and traditional craftsmanship, they create one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture that elevate the look of any room. But how do you get your hands on these beautiful pieces? Well, luckily Four Hands Furniture products are available both online and in stores.

In terms of ordering online, there is a huge selection of living room furnishings from Four Hands Furniture available on their website - from sofas to accent chairs to wall décor. Plus, you can receive fast transportation for all items with three different shipping options – delivery trucks for large items like sofas, parcel carriers for smaller items like sculptures or art prints; along with white glove service which will provide complete setup with placement in your home. So don’t worry if you can’t make it ashore either - Four Hands Furniture has you covered!

If visiting stores is more your thing then check in your local area first as they have retail partners located all over the country - often at high end furniture stores specializing in luxury goods. Shopping this way allows customers a chance to experience the materiality and texture used by Four Hands before making an informed purchase decision. You may even want take an extra trip afterward as well - afterall shopping together can be lots of fun!

No matter what way brings joy into buying furniture for your home - whether it’s shopping conveniently online or experiencing it first-hand at store nearby - customers have options when choosing where to buy from Four Hand's beautiful collections from anywhere around the globe!

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What styles of furniture does Four Hands Furniture specialize in?

At Four Hands Furniture, we know the value of a good-looking and well-made piece of furniture – one that adds to the beauty of your home, is comfortable and durable, and fits with your unique style. That's why we specialize in an array of different styles for you to choose from! Whether you're looking for something classic, rustic, eclectic and modern or something else entirely–we have it all!

For those who like classic designs with traditional craftsmanship touches – such as dovetailed drawers with mortise-and-tenon construction – we've got plenty to choose from with pieces made from wood finished in deep mahogany stains or light natural hues. We also offer occasional tables crafted out of reclaimed wood to give your space a more rustic look that speaks volumes about sustainability. And our collection doesn't stop there–we carry upholstered couches and chairs in durable fabrics that are perfect for both formal living rooms and cozy family rooms alike!

Our contemporary designs have just as much personality too. In this section you can find sofas covered in velvet fabrics with contrasting piping frames, sleek tufted armchairs set atop sleek modern bases, coffee tables featuring mixed materials like steel accents on handcrafted wooden surfaces —the options are endless. These stylish pieces embody the perfect balance between minimalistic chicness and luxurious comfort for any modern home.

And if you're looking for truly unique furnishings then don't forget about our eclectic collection which features bold lines coupled together beautiful textures like jute weave seating cushions or intricate detailing found on brass side tables–these pieces are sure to be one of kind because they exude an originality nothing else can replicate. No matter what style you're looking for our furniture selection has literally every option conceivable (and then some) so rest assured when shopping at Four Hands Furniture not only will you find great quality products but also many sophisticated styles meant specifically add beauty and charm any room in your house!

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Is Four Hands Furniture affordable for everyone?

When it comes to furniture, Four Hands Furniture offers an impressive selection of stylish furnishings. But when you’re on a tight budget it can be difficult to know if they are truly within reach. The good news is, the answer is yes! Four Hands Furniture can be affordable for everyone!

What makes Four Hand Furniture so great and why is it affordable? Well, you’ll find a range of price points available throughout their impressive catalog. This means that no matter what you are looking for in terms of style or size, there will likely be options to fit your budget needs. Furthermore, the company has a simple curated process that makes finding the right product easier than ever before! From initially selecting your preferred pieces to placing your order online or in stores – all with fast and free delivery options – you'll find plenty of value at incredibly reasonable prices!

One great thing about Four Hand Furniture is their commitment to quality materials and craftsmanship. They use solid wood in many pieces combined with finishes and textiles from around the world without sacrificing durability or design appeal! In fact, this approach often places them into more competitive pricing categories than many mass-produced furniture brands out there today.

Overall, when shopping for furniture on a budget – look no further than Four Hand Furniture as an option that provides style and affordability-all in one package! With so much appealing at decent prices combined with fast and free shipping -there may not be another better option out there today!! So go ahead-make sure to explore all they have to offer;it may just end up being just what you were looking for all along!!

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Related Questions

Where does four hands import its furniture?

Four Hands imports furniture from around the world.

Does four hands curate their furnishings?

Yes, four hands carefully selects and curates its furnishings to bring customers unique style options with a global flavor.

Where can I buy four hands furniture in Chicago?

You can buy four hands furniture in Chicago at retailers such as Joybird and CB2.

Why choose four hands?

Hands provides quality décor and unique style options that are hard to find elsewhere, plus excellent customer service throughout your entire purchase process.

How did Thomas Bina influence four hands?

Thomas Bina introduced a modern edge and his signature luxurious material mix of stone, wood, glass and ironwork when he joined forces with The H High family founders Jeff Dauber & Guy Phillips to create four hands - elevating the brand's craftsmanship standard while introducing sleek silhouettes & design elements like tufting which remain cornerstones of today’s collections currently available on 4handsfurniture website & through many independent retail partners nationwide

Who is four hands furniture?

Four Hands Furniture is a designer and wholesaler of custom home furniture.

Does four hands furniture have a warranty?

Yes, Four Hands Furniture offers manufacturer's warranties on most of their products.

Where can I buy four hands furniture?

Four Hands Furniture can be purchased from many retailers across the US or online at

What are four hands dining chairs?

Four Hands Dining Chairs are chairs which have been designed with care for comfort, durability and style in mind by the brand Four Hand furniture.

What kind of warranties do furniture dealers offer?

Many furniture dealers offer limited warranties against manufacturing defects as well as extended protection plans that cover accidental damage and fabric/leather stains along with other issues depending on the plan selected..

How many employees does four hands furniture have?

Four Hands Furniture currently employs over 200 people worldwide to help produce its high quality furnishings for homes around the world

Why buy four hands furniture online?

Buying four hands furniture online allows you to easily compare prices and styles, get free shipping and handle returns with ease.

What is four hands?

Four Hands is an award-winning furniture company that offers a wide range of stylish, innovative home furnishings for every room in the home.

Where can I buy fourfour hands products in NC?

You can buy fourhands products from retailers such as High Point Furniture Outlet in Raleigh or Dining Room Table Store in Apex, NC.

Are four hands furniture desk chairs comfortable?

Yes, four hands furniture desk chairs are generally comfortable and ergonomically designed for optimal support and comfort when sitting for long periods of time.

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