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Where are morimoto lights made?

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Published: 2019-10-04

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Where are morimoto lights made?

Morimoto lights, sold by The Retrofit Source, are among the highest of quality automotive lighting. They produce cutting-edge products while standing by their unbeatable customer service. But where are these luminaries crafted?

In order to provide its customers with the best product possible, Morimoto lights are engineered and tested in-house at The Retrofit Source's facility located in sunny Florida. During the design process, their team of engineers use tip-top grade materials such as CREE LEDs for maximum performance over a longer period of time. Afterwards they check each and every light before sending it out for fulfillment so that you can be assured that your Morimoto product will work just as good as it looks!

Additionally, to guarantee a consistent appeal within all their products Morimoto utilizes injection molding techniques and robotic assembly lines to ensure uniform product performance from every single unit produced. This also enables them to keep up with increasing demand without compromising on quality or reliability due to reproducibility constraints that arise from manual production.

The Retrofit Source's commitment to excellence has given them an edge over its competitors; allowing them not only offer you premium illumination but also piece of mind knowing your purchase was truly made in the USA!

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What country manufactures Morimoto lighting products?

Morimoto Lighting is a brand of car lighting products known for its superior quality and advanced technology. Manufactured in Japan, Morimoto Lighting products are designed to provide the best lighting experience for any car enthusiast. From high-end performance power bulbs to top of the line LEDs, Morimoto takes pride in delivering high-quality products that will provide you with years of performance satisfaction at an affordable cost.

For more than two decades, Morimoto has been an important company in the automotive industry. Their advanced technology and precision production techniques have made them one of the most prominent aftermarket manufacturers when it comes to vehicle lighting upgrades. They have developed projects such as HID headlight kits or retrofit headlights, which have become very popular among enthusiasts around the world who require better light output from their vehicles either through regular usage or off-road purposes.

Morimoto Lighting continues their commitment to remain at the forefront of vehicle lighting advancements through research projects aimed to improve existing technologies within its catalog lineup like Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) systems and drastically reduce installation complexity with innovation like Plug n Play bulbs & harnesses allowing users quick & worry free installs on OEM housings such as projectors or reflectors; something no other LED brand offers!

It's safe to say that if you need quality car lights that offer serious performance then look no further than Morimotos' lineup manufactured in Japan!

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Who are the suppliers of Morimoto lighting components?

Morimoto lighting components are supplied by one of the leading manufacturers of automotive lighting components in the world: The Retrofit Source. The company is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and was founded in 2004 by a small group of car enthusiasts who wanted to make sure their vehicles were properly lit up. The Retrofit Source offers the variety of Morimoto lights with their collection known as XB Projectors which include; Bi-xenon & Tri-xenon HID projectors, LED headlights & fog lights, specialty assemblies & brackets and much more! These advanced xenon powered headlight systems are capable of producing dramatically improved light output over traditional halogen bulbs - enabling you to see farther down the road at night with increased clarity. The unique thing about Morimoto lighting components from The Retrofit Source is that they provide all necessary hardware and parts such as projectors, power supplies and lamps along with helpful guide videos for self installation in order to make it easier for customers wanting to do this special modification without taking their vehicle into a shop or dealership. This means the installation process may be more time consuming than other aftermarket products but ultimately it benefits you safe time and money on labor costs. For those looking for superior quality automotive lighting parts that won't break your budget - look no further than Morimoto Lighting Components provided by The Retrofit Source!

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How are Morimoto lighting products tested for quality?

Morimoto lighting products are tested to the highest quality standards when it comes to performance, safety, and durability. It starts from the moment that raw materials arrive at Morimoto's factory. First, in-house sampling and test protocols perform tests for material tensile strength and conductivity. Having passed this first step, the product then proceeds into the assembly line where 100% of its components are evaluated using automated optical inspection systems and any inconsistencies caught during putting together are immediately taken care of.

Once assembled, each Morimoto product is put through an extensive cycle testing procedure that simulates its lifetime use under real-world conditions - a process called HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing). This involves subjecting a Morimoto product to a range of temperature extremes from hot to cold (-40°F up to +176°F) as well as checking for failure caused by electrical arcing or short-circuiting; two things that cause many other light fixtures on the market today miles away from reaching their advertised life span. Additionally, for certain uses such as automotive use or work lamps which require vibration resistance testing highly accelerated testing routine of mechanical shock vibrations must be implemented in line with applicable safety standards also.

Once it has passed all these rigorous challenges each unit is securely repackaged before being leaving the facility while awaiting shipping our awaiting shipment with customers worldwide! These quality assurance protocols are what help maintain industry leadership levels at Morimoto and ensure customers receive safe products they can trust!

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What is the official website of Morimoto Lighting?

If you’re looking for the official Morimoto Lighting website, you’ve come to the right place. Founded in 1988 by renowned Japanese light designer Kunitake Morimoto, Morimoto Lighting is a leader in innovative and modern lighting solutions. From its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, Morimoto has been producing some of the most stylish and modern lighting fixtures on the market today.

For those interested in browsing through their impressive portfolio of products, head over to This site features an extensive selection of pendants, chandeliers, sconces and other decorative home lighting concepts as well as large-scale commercial projects for businesses and corporate offices. You can sort through product categories such as “Table Lights” or “Suspension Lights” or narrow down your search by specific color or material characteristics such as metal or wood finishes that suit your preferences best. Beyond offering a vast array of eye-catching elements that capture energy efficiency without sacrificing beauty; each purchase comes with a 7 year manufacturer's guarantee so you can rest assured that your investment remains safe even if something happens to take place outside of Natural circumstances within this time frame!

When venturing onto their web page not only are you given access to an impressive selection however; they also feature special onsite events open to the public when visiting one of their showrooms located around Tokyo giving customers full access to get up close and personal with these high quality products designed with complete perfection before purchasing! Not only do they offer prospective buyers full service but they also showcase tips resources suggestions industry research from others within industry allowing them remain ahead game always offering current trends come into play throughout process creating ultimate experience each individual customer gets when working with them! As leading innovators within illuminating field since 70s way Morimoto Lighting captures individuates character space presented unparalleled experience look forward anytime visiting online showroom soon local store personally check availability yourself!

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What unique features do Morimoto lighting products offer?

Morimoto lighting products offer people an exceptional lighting experience. Not only do they provide greater illumination and higher output, but their unique features offer unparalleled customization potential and longevity.

One of the most beneficial features Morimoto lighting products offer is their XB LED technology, which boasts a more water-resistant design that allows for more aggressive applications in more extreme environments, such as car washes and marine vessels. This technology also ensures consistent illumination even after years of exposure to high intensity light sources and harsh elements such as saltwater, humidity or sand.

To add to their durability, many Morimoto lighting solutions feature polycarbonate lenses specifically designed to resist scratches, abrasions and even impacts that could cause surface damage over time on conventional glass lenses. On top of this protection against wear and tear are various color options available; including warm white light diodes with 3000K to 5500K color temperature variations - making them ideal for tail lights or any other application that requires specific hues or shades for aesthetic purposes.

For those who desire maximum control over the output spectrum and beam angles of their lighting setup – Morimoto has you covered there too! Many of the brand’s exceptional solutions allow users complete freedom when adjusting the power flow from 10-100% via their supported Bluetooth controllers; resulting in revolutionary customizability at your fingertips!

All in all – it’s no wonder why so many automotive enthusiasts have made Morimoto a go-to choice when considering upgrading existing light sources on their vehicles. With every aspect considered from quality assurance down to convenience of operation – it really is hard to find anything capable of competing with what these state-of-the-art systems bring to table!

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Are Morimoto lighting products available in retail stores?

Yes, Morimoto lighting products are available in retail stores, with several excellent selections to choose from. Utilizing cutting edge LED technology and modern designs combined with high quality materials and components, Morimoto has developed an ever-growing selection of eye-catching illuminated products designed to meet the wants and needs of all car owners alike. Whether upgrading headlights for additional performance or simply adding some style to their ride with halos, fog lights or daytime running lights—Morimoto has it all already pre-packaged just waiting to be installed!

In addition to traditional retail outlets like auto parts stores or specialty shops around town you can also find Morimoto lighting products online at or through Amazon, which is a great option if you’re having trouble locating specific styles near your hometown. The online car parts store offers an unbeatable selection featuring all the latest styling trends from one source… so get yourself some great a set of Morimotos today – your vehicle deserves it!

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What color are the LED tail lights at Morimoto?


Why choose Morimoto off-road LED lighting?

Superior quality and durability, dependability, increased safety, improved visibility and aesthetic appeal.

Why choose Morimoto HID ballasts?

Plug-and-play design for easy installation, superior brightness and color output due to the highest grade components used in their manufacturing process.

Why choose Morimoto HID lights?

Low power draw, improved performance with reduced glare from oncoming vehicles headlights; improved looks over halogen bulbs plus no warm-up time after startup or igniting an extra burner when full lighting is desired quickly!

What kind of light bulbs does Morimoto make?

LED bulbs, projector headlights/fog lights & HID headlight conversion kits (ballasts & lights).

Why choose Morimoto's XB LED fog lights?

Intense LED light output thanks to powerful LED's combined with advanced optics designed to accurately focus the beam pattern; robust aluminum diecast housing that efficiently radiates heat away from critical components ensuring long life expectancy and dependable operation in all temperatures!

What is the best aftermarket HID system?

The best aftermarket HID system is the Morimoto Elite HID System.

Why choose Morimoto headlights?

Morimoto headlights provide superior quality, long-lasting durability and reliable performance in addition to great looks.

Why choose Morimoto HID systems?

Morimoto HID systems offer superior technology and advanced design for improved visibility, enhanced style, and ease of installation plus maximum light output with a color temperature that rivals daylight.

What is the best hid kit for your vehicle?

It depends on your vehicle's needs, so it is best to speak with an expert or compare different kits online carefully before making your purchase decision.

Where can I buy cheap HID bulbs?

Discount stores or auto parts websites are good places to buy cheap HID bulbs at discounted prices but make sure they meet safety standards before you buy them.

What is a hid conversion kit?

A hid conversion kit allows you to upgrade from traditional halogen headlights by retrofitting existing bulbs with higher-powered HIDs for brighter lighting when driving at night or in harsh conditions such as foggy weather

Why choose a xenonpro hid kit?

XenonPro offers a wide selection of high-quality hid kits with adjustable color temperatures, durable construction and an easy installation process.

Who has the best hid kit?

There is no definitive answer to who has the best hid kit as it largely depends on personal preference, budget and vehicle compatibility.

Which is best hid kit in the market?

Again, there is no definitive answer as preferences vary when selecting a hid kit; however, some popular options include Xentec HID Kit and Kensun HID Kit for their quality components and reasonable pricing.

What is the best hid conversion kit?

considers their premium Digital Slim Ballast kit to be the best conversion kit available because it includes plug-and-play installation with an adjustable color temperature ranging from 3000K-12000K and up to 3 times brighter output than the average halogen bulb.

What are the best hid headlight conversion kits?

Some popularly rated options include XenonPro’s Digital Slim Ballast Conversion Kit, HYLUXTEK's Canbus 9600LM All-in One Headlight Conversion Kits, Morimoto Elite System 9500 LM bi-xenon Projector retrofit kits by The Retrofit Source Inc., and Diode Dynamics SLF Upgrade Bulbs & Dazzlers HD2 Bi xenon projector upgrade headlight conversion kit for subaru WRX/STI models 2016+.

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