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What is a pier mount light?

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Published: 2021-05-31

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What is a pier mount light?

Pier mount lights are a popular decorative lighting feature for the outside of homes and businesses. Also known as surface mounts or post-mounted lights, these fixtures are mounted to the top of a pier or pole that has been placed into the ground next to an exterior wall. Typically, they’re used on decks, driveways and entries as an effective form of illumination.

Pier mount lights have several benefits over other types of lighting fixtures including cost savings – since only one support structure needs to be installed – and higher wattage capability which can provide more light output than wall sconces or flush mounted ceiling lights.

These attractive outdoor decor elements come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, from modernist spheres made with stainless steel meshes to traditional copper lanterns with classic clear glass panes. Depending on your preference and budget, you can find waterproofed models designed specifically for wet or damp environments as well as decorative weatherproof materials such as ceramic and rustic stone textures for added character – plus energy efficient LED bulbs that use less power but still offer plenty of visible light for safety when walking around at night outdoors.

When installing pier mount lighting make sure you choose the correct size depending on the height and width of your walkway plus appropriate voltage ratings (plug-in low voltage options may be best if electricity is nearby) so that it’s able to handle any power requirements needed by this type fixture safely over time. And always remember follow your local codes when running any electrical wiring outdoors at all times! So in short–pier mount lights are fantastic options that create sparkle while being reliable sources used every day in order add noticeable ambiance wherever they're put up!

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How do pier mount lights differ from other exterior lighting?

When it comes to exterior lighting, pier mount lights are a popular choice for many homeowners. Whether you're looking to highlight your garden, light up a walkway, or enhance your home's security, pier mount lights are a great option. But how do they differ from other types of exterior lighting?

One key difference between pier mount lights and other types of lighting is that they are installed on top of a post; usually made from wood or metal. This allows the light to be positioned at heights above ground level where it can cast illumination over the area below. Pier mounted fixtures tend to be versatile and sturdy for outdoor applications with weather-resistant construction that can handle exposure to wind, rain and snow.

In contrast, many other kinds of outdoor lighting require installation directly into walls or surface mounting onto surfaces like decks or patios. Pier mounts also allow you more flexibility in design when compared with traditional fixtures as you can choose form shapes ranging from round globes to decorative Tiffany style shades.

Another advantage is that pier-mounts tend provide better illumination than some wall-mounted options due their increased height off the ground which helps throw greater distance in terms of range making them an ideal choice for larger yards and gardens where wider coverage is desired instead of concentrated areas in closer proximity.. Additionally many manufacturers offer various styles compatible with energy-efficient LED bulbs allowing homeowners more choices when it comes to energy consumption preferences which can help cut down electricity bills further increasing their appeal over regular bulbs which consume far more power making them less cost-effective long term solutions.

Overall if you’re looking for an attractive yet effective exterior Lighting solution then considering installing pier mounted fixtures could be ideal way go as not only appealing but provide efficient illumination whatever idea may have around house, while still being able take advantage beautiful design features available all makes models markets today.

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What are the benefits of installing a pier mount light?

Installing a pier mount light can be an excellent way to enhance the look of both residential and commercial properties. They provide a modern, sophisticated look and can be mounted on various types of surfaces. Pier mounts are designed to provide maximum lighting efficiency while keeping installation and wiring costs down. One of the primary benefits of pier mount lights is that they’re easy to install, only requiring one post into the ground or wall surface to attach them firmly in place, with no additional wiring involved. This makes them incredibly cost-effective solutions for landscape lighting projects, as well as providing plenty of flexibility when designing your exterior lighting arrangements. Additionally, their styles are often extremely aesthetically pleasing too: they come in a variety of shapes and sizes – from classic lantern designs to modern contemporary shapes – so you’re bound to find something suitable for your space. Aside from being easy on the eye, installing pier mount lights also provides your property with increased safety and increased security measures compared with other light source options available on the market today; their solid construction means that intruders have little chance of damaging or tampering with them easily (unlike floodlights), plus their range is far better than standard outdoor wall lamps for larger areas too! Plus each light has its own permanently fixed lifetime warranty (for up 35 years!), so you know that having one installed will save you time - and money - in the long run too! Overall then it’s easy to see why many people opt for installing these types of lights; they strike an ideal balance between durability style & practicality which make them an invaluable asset whatever type of property you own heading into 2021!

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What types of materials are pier mount lights typically made from?

Pier mount lights, also known as post lights, or column lights, are an attractive way to add extra light and beauty to your porch, patio, or driveway. But what materials are they typically made from?

Typically pier mount lights are made from a few different materials. Depending on the style of your home and outdoor decor you’ll find a variety of classic and modern options out there. The most popular include acrylic fixtures with LED bulbs that give off bright light with less wattage used for energy efficiency. Metal is also popular when it comes to these types of lights as it can be molded into various shapes that fit seamlessly into any outdoor aesthetic. Cast iron or aluminum Pier mount bases can often be found in rustic or traditional settings. The fixtures themselves may range from hanging lanterns to an array of colors designed specifically for porches and patios respectively (perhaps having a quite different appearance than its original form). As change is always needed within the house design – you may come across glass pier mounts which offer both illuminated colors when lit up at night with various options for shapes such as sconces, pendants, flush mounts etc - making them great additions to any living space outside! Some other unique materials include ceramic pieces which have beautiful designs engraved upon them which adds more character to your outdoors while providing excellent lighting effects each time it’s switched on! Ultimately - whatever style suits your house the best - there will always be something out there compatible with all budgets! So explore away!

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What kinds of pier mount lights are available?

Pier mount lights are an attractive and versatile way to add lighting to your outdoor areas. Offering multiple types of design choices, they are perfect for any environment, from patios and gardens to poolside and driveways. With so many different types of pier mount lights available on the market today, you can easily find a style that matches your personal taste or décor.

Popular designs can range from traditional lantern-style fixtures with clear glass panels to modern looks such as contemporary square or round shaped pieces with edgier lines. Depending on the kind of look you’re aiming for in your landscape lighting setup, you may also opt for subtly scrolled arms or embellishments along with more ornate accents like finials and tapering silhouettes. There is truly something out there to meet any taste.

Wall mounted pier lamps can provide a beautiful balance between ambient light coverage as well as downward task-lighting ideal for dining alfresco or highlighting walkways or pathways that need extra attention at night. For those seeking some extra drama when the sun goes down, you may want consider hanging models which create interesting cascaded downlight patterns against walls creating eye-catching illumination possibilities come dusk!

Lighting fanatics looking for something even more eye-catching might want consider post mounted LED stripes which line up along column posts adding ambiance throughout entryways driveway gates decks patios and poolsides alike providing both function as well aesthetics while reducing electrical costs thanks energy efficiency its LEDs offer When it comes outdoor illumination nothing beats pier mount lighting thoughtful durable addition outdoor space make illuminate look feel nicer than ever before No matter what particular aesthetic style require be sure find right type fixture complete overall look your specific needs.

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How do you install a pier mount light?

Installing a pier mount light is a great way to add decorative lighting and ambiance to your outdoor space or landscape. Pier mount lights are usually mounted on existing posts or poles, such as fence posts, gazebo posts, lampposts, etc., and provide general illumination around the base of the post. This type of lighting is often used in driveways and walkways leading up to homes for improved visibility. Here's how to install one:

1. If your post does not already have an electrical conduit attached, you'll need to run one from the nearest power source (house panel) before you begin installation of your fixture. PVC conduit works best for this type of job due to its flexibility over metal conduit when bending it around a pole or other obstacle. Be sure that all connections are waterproofed and meet local codes for safety.

2. Once your electrical supply line is connected and secured safely up against the house wall/panel box, measure (or have measured) the height of your pole where you would like the base of the pier mount light fixture situated at so that it will be off-center from any other items in that area – allowing maximum illumination coverage without obstruction with shadows or unevenness between fixtures/areas if multiple lights are being added near each other at different heights on separate posts/poles

3. Selecting proper mounting hardware may depend on what type material you're dealing with - wood piers should use lag bolts/screws while concrete surfaces might require sleeve anchors in order obtain secure mounting; also consider any additional weight loading necessary due to wind load factors in colder periods (mount foundation blocks may be required for heavier loads). During this step make sure all wiring connections & wire nuts connect securely before moving onto next step!

4. Now we can start mounting our light fixture! Depending on manufacturer recommendations it may require 1-6 screws/bolts depending if bracket comes preinstalled or needs assembly after first screw holes has been drilled into desired location – most common 2 holes typically provided).

5 Make sure there's no furniture obstructing path when determining which way base should face so illumination reaches desired areas without detriment due angles etc; once decided remove plastic knob located underneath main part body unit & insert washer through hole before placing top portion into position then securing down firmly yet gently by tightening plastic knob back onto bottom part tightly until satisfaction achieved afterwards giving final touches such as center distance recessed head cover plate over hole cutout and prevent debris entering inside components tainting performance overall result providing clean finish look customers demand from these products today!

And there you have it -- installing a pier mount light is easy once you know what hardware to use based on where it will be mounted and understanding how best orientation needs work behind scenes getting next perfect shot achieved lighting outdoors day night settings alike endlessly pleasing family friends now like never before possibilities endless sights becoming quite similar those explored movies books enjoyed right away fantastic materials experienced daily living lives scene everyone just totally love whole routines centering simply looking beautifully lit properties both commercial residential views filling atmosphere equally joyous excitement complete end goal here offer fabulous new looks older locations bring morning glory inspired mind regardless area holding brightly shining spearhead too late say goodbye darkness forever Goodbye Dark days hello lighter times ahead!

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How can pier mount lights be used to improve outdoor lighting?

Pier mount lights are an underutilized yet potentially powerful source of outdoor illumination. Leveraging the use of pier mount lights can dramatically improve the lighting design of any outdoor area, offering a wide range of benefits to homeowners and businesses alike.

For starters, pier mount lights are highly versatile and customizable. Homeowners and business owners can choose combinations in terms of height, wattage, lumens (the measure for light output), lamp types—including LED options—and materials to best fit the setting’s requirements. They also come in a variety of shapes such as upright columns or those shaped like shields or spears that add extra visual flair to an area. With careful consideration during installation they can be used to highlight key landscaping features such as trees, statues or pathways while providing functional illumination over walkways and seating areas; when multiple units are positioned along a property’s fence line they effectively create a “lighted wall” affect that adds definition and dimension where needed.

Moreover, when energy efficiency is taken into account placement is key; if placed high enough on any structure (even walls) they will create greater degrees of spread while limiting excessive glare objects at ground level due to their reflective properties – resulting in less overall energy consumption while increasing the overall luminosity provided by fewer fixtures. In addition not only do these fixtures have long life-spans but accessories such as photo sensors, timers/timers combination devices and dimmers/switches can be added so you're able take full command control your surroundings with minimal effort throughout every season!

All things considered all too often pier-mount lighting takes a back seat during the design phase however due its versatility this type of fixture is making significant strides from being considered accents rather than central components. Pier mounts are ideal options for enhancing functionality without compromising aesthetics for any home or commercial setting – perfect for ensuring maximum enjoyment within your space with minimal hassle year round!

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