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How to date kittinger furniture?

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Published: 2021-04-13

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How to date kittinger furniture?

If you’re a collector of mid-century modern furniture, learning how to date Kittinger Furniture is essential. Dating your pieces will help you determine the difference between an original and a replica, and can also provide invaluable insight into the history behind it. So, let’s explore how to date Kittinger Furniture!

First things first — take a look at the labels on all pieces of furniture that you are considering. These labels were placed there for identification purposes only; however they can be extremely useful in dating Kittinger Furniture. Until 1952, each piece was labeled with its factory designation followed by the customer name (i.e., SB-Smith). Up until 1962 many William & Mary-style pieced were labeled “KF” followed by their order number (i.e., KF002). Afterwards advanced labelling systems evolved based on customer name and order numbers (i.e., Kittinger - Smith JNF). This means that if you have found an old label on your piece then you may find out exactly who it was originally made for!

Next up — examine any details or signature features found within different designs of pieces produced throughout their history as a way to determine when they may have been produced or sold by the company – these often reveal clues such as patterns used in construction techniques like rush chairs or tooling used in the carving processes etc.. As we mentioned earlier some label changes related to year production occurred so being aware of these detail differences are even more significant when trying to accurately date certain items from this period.

Finally — check any catalog images associated with particular pieces/styles from past decades which can help support our research process here as well - usually archived in museums archives/libraries online or available for purchase if lucky for those interested in looking further into what made this period so iconic especially during mid century times!

We hope these tips helped make dating your Kittinger Furniture much easier!.

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How do I know if a Kittinger piece is an original?

If you’re looking to purchase a Kittinger piece, it’s important that you take steps to ensure it’s an original. Kittinger furniture has been around for over 200 years, and the company is renowned for its quality and craftsmanship. Here are some things to look for if you want to make sure your new piece is an authentic Kittinger:

1) Check the signature – Look for a signature or maker’s mark somewhere on the piece (generally underneath), usually accompanied by “Kittinger Co. Buffalo NY”. This should be clearly visible and immediately help you identify a genuine Kittinger piece.

2) Examine its construction – All of Kittinger's furniture is constructed by hand using traditional joinery techniques; so if your piece appears machine-made, chances are it's not an original. Look at the joints of the furniture; do they look like they were cut with hand tools in unison? If so, then there is a very good chance that it's an authentic Kittinger product.

3) Inspect its materials – Real Kittinger pieces use only premium woods such as cherry, oak, or mahogany; stay away from cheaper versions which might copy the design but use inferior woods like pine or particleboard used in production copies of designer pieces from other companies. Similarly, check bolts and screws - genuine hardware should be made from solid brass with smooth edges that show no signs of being stamped into shape quickly by machines like those found in lower-end factories

4) Research where it was bought – Want extra assurance? Try checking out certain retailers who specialize in certified antique dealerships; these folks have access to specific information about individual products meaning they can vouch for their authenticity far more easily than anyone else could ever hope too.

If all these checks suggest you may have found yourself what looks like an original Kittinger item then congratulations - owning one of these timeless pieces brings unique style wherever it goes!

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What is the history of Kittinger furniture?

Kittinger furniture is the result of a long-established family business that dates back to 1866. The company was founded by Allen Kittinger, who immigrated from Germany to Pennsylvania with his wife Anna in the mid-1800s. Initially, they took on various carpentry jobs, but soon gained notoriety for creating exceptional quality furniture pieces that were also stylish and sophisticated. The company remains family owned and operated today and has built up a reputation as one of America's finest handcrafted furniture makers. After several generations of working with artisans to craft some of the most detailed and exquisite pieces, Kittinger Furniture has been featured in museums across the world. The designs tend to focus on traditional styles while incorporating modern techniques and finishes into their work. Kittinger continues to produce some of the most exquisite heirloom quality furniture available today using only select hardwoods like maple, cherry, walnut and mahogany for their creations as well cultivated veneers for accent panels or details such as book matched grain line borders or circular fan veneers. Their leather upholstery offerings have also become well known for combining classic styling with sleek modern accessories such as Nailheads or tufted details that are handmade from start to finish giving each piece it’s own unique personality. From chairs to gaming tables Kittinger delivers incomparable style through timeless designs that have remained popular for over 150 years!

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How can I identify a Kittinger piece?

If you're looking for a piece of authentic Kittinger furniture, there are a few key points to look out for. First, check the signature characteristics of Kittinger furniture -- the distinctive joinery and hand carving in the legs and arms is typical of Kittinger pieces and will help you easily identify them.

Next, look at the shape and style of each piece as well. The traditional styling with clean lines give away most Kittinger pieces. Similarly to antiques from other brands, they can come in many different sizes so you may want to measure your space if this is a consideration before deciding on a purchase.

Finally, it’s important to do research about vintage furniture manufacturers when shopping for an authentic Kittinger piece so that you can easily spot the differences between original antique pieces and newer reproductions which tend not to feature the same authenticity or quality that original pieces offer. In addition, many vintage retailers might not be selling genuine antiques but instead mislabeled replicas from other manufacturers - so make sure you do your due diligence when verifying authenticity if buying online or from an auction house!

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What styles of Kittinger furniture are available?

Those who are searching for classic, high-quality furniture will want to explore the Kittinger furniture options available. This long established manufacturer offers a range of pieces catering to many different styles and tastes, from classic traditional pieces that have an air of elegance to contemporary designs with clean lines and modern flair.

For traditional looks, Kittinger offers elegant sets made from rich mahogany woods in finishes ranging from cherry and walnut stains to hand-painted motifs. In upholstered selections, expect to find leather chairs as elegant as those found in regal European homes.

In addition to its classic furniture selection, Kittinger also makes collections featuring more contemporary designs with a rustic twist. From bold geometric shapes with metal frames for a polished urban look or distressed look for that down-home feel,it's easy to make a style statement no matter your taste preference when you choose Kittinger’s modern lines.

Farmhouse looks continue their popularity in the latest trends of current designs, and those desiring this type of décor will find the perfect pieces among Kittinger’s array of tables, chairs, benches and hutches crafted with warm wood tones combined with ironwork details or other eclectic accents like glass tabletops or painted stripes on wooden surfaces.

So whether you're looking for an heirloom quality set that stands apart or cutting edge styles infused within timeless living room sets, you'll have no trouble finding it thanks to the breadth of products offered by Kittinger Furniture!

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Where can I purchase an authentic Kittinger piece?

If you’re looking for an authentic Kittinger piece, such as a loveseat or buffet, you’ll be happy to know that the Kittinger Furniture Company is still in business and maintains showrooms throughout the United States. They offer a wide selection of stunning pieces representing every era from Colonial America to modern art deco. If you don’t have a Kittinger showroom near you, there are other ways to shop for your piece.

Websites like 1stdibs and eBay specialize in vintage and antique furniture from respected brands all over the world, including Kittinger. The variety available on websites like these allows for comparison shopping between different sellers so that buyers get the best deals on authentic items that match their tastes.When searching 1stdibs or eBay make sure to pay attention to all terms and conditions. Always ask questions if unsure of any details related to authentication or origins of an item before making your purchase.

You can also try searching on consignment stores which may carry authenticated pieces like those made by The Kittinger Furniture Company – many will even let you search through their inventory online! Additionally, some local auctions in your area may feature vintage furniture from time to time - this could be another way of tracking down a quality piece at an affordable price! Finally - if all else fails - the company website itself is likely still up and running with new styles arriving regularly!

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Are there any online resources for dating Kittinger furniture?

The answer to the question whether there are online resources for dating Kittinger furniture is, unfortunately, no. Given the rarity of this exquisite furniture and its unique style, it can be difficult to accurately date Kittinger pieces. In order for a collector to establish an accurate age for their Kittinger furniture, they must consult experienced appraisers or experts in period pieces.

There are some antique websites that may provide some helpful hints or clues as to when a certain piece of Kittinger was made. The best approach is to do a comprehensive Google search looking at major auction houses and other reputable sources such as the Smithsonian Institution’s “Identifying Furniture Style” page or if you can find identifying marks such as labels which indicate the model code and style number will usually help in determining the year of production. One should please ensure that these sites have reliable antiquarian credentials before relying on them though!

When purchasing a piece of Kittinger furniture it's important to consider certain features such as quality construction, finishes and materials; these will give you an idea about when it was produced. Even though it is not possible to definitively date your piece with complete accuracy from online sources or by any single factor; educated guesses can be made by piecing together info found from various resources including those described above. Furthermore taking photos of all angles so expert opinion can be gathered on elderly forums about specific pieces might also be quite useful too!

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Related Questions

Why Kittinger?

Kittinger is a high-end American manufacturer of furniture known for its solid craftsmanship and timeless designs.

Is Kittinger a good brand of furniture?

Yes, Kittinger is a well-respected brand that produces quality pieces of durable furniture.

What makes vintage Kittinger chairs so special?

Vintage Kittinger chairs are special because they feature intricate carvings and joinery which make them aesthetically pleasing in addition to being sturdy objects.

How can I tell if my Kittinger Furniture is authentic?

Look for the maker’s mark, examine wood grain patterns and hardware, and compare styles with authentic examples to tell if your furniture is genuine Kittinger furniture.

Why choose vintage Kittinger Furniture?

Choosing vintage Kittinger furnitre allows you to find beautiful, one-of-a kind pieces that can become centerpieces in any room or collection of furnishings due to their superior craftsmanship, attention t detail, high quality materials and classic design principles used by makers when originally constructed them years ago.

What is Biggs Kittinger Furniture?

Biggs Kittinger Furniture was an offshoot company founded by J Huston Sistrunk (formerly with John Widdicomb) which specialized in reproductions made from antique molds as well as French provincial styles with contemporary modifications added on top to create unique products only available through this new label offering bespoke items of the highest caliber suited specifically tailored requests from customers desiring exquisite luxury outfitting options at their disposal while still maintaining sustainability at heart each step of creation process thereby fulfilling clients needs entirely fashioning suitably appropriate result every time!

How often should you polish your Kittinger Furniture?

You should polish Kittinger Furniture as needed to maintain its shine and luster.

What kind of wood is Kittinger Furniture made of?

Kittinger Furniture is made of mahogany, cherry, walnut, ash, hickory and other domestic hardwoods.

How can you tell how old a piece of furniture is?

You can tell the age of a piece of furniture by looking at any stamps or tags indicating when it was made and the features that distinguish it from similar pieces produced over time including hardware styles and joint details.

How does Kittinger ensure the authenticity of each reproduction?

Kittinger ensures authenticity of each reproduction through detailed inspection processes throughout their production cycle where materials are verified against original samples for accuracy in color, grain pattern & texture as well as construction details like type & material used for joinery and hardware parts selection & design characteristics matching the originals

How do I know if my furniture is real or fake?

Inspecting if there are labels indicating manufacture date or authentic markings proving its genuinity such as an authentication tag affixed to one side or underside can help ascertain whether your furniture is real or fake.

Why choose Kittinger’s Newport?

Choosing Kittinger’s Newport offers customizable networking options with various finishes available so you can pick pieces that match interior decor perfectly along with superior craftsmanship quality assurance making these perfect heirloom-worthy investments offering decades of use& pleasure!

How often should you use furniture polish?

Every 2-3 months.

How often should you Polish veneer furniture?

Depending on traffic, every 1-4 months.

What to look for when shopping for Kittinger Furniture?

Quality craftsmanship, distinctive styling and long lasting beauty.

Why should I Polish my furniture?

To protect its finish from dirt and grime to keep a beautiful shine.

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