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Does dreamcloud take your old mattress?

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Published: 2020-07-22

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Does dreamcloud take your old mattress?

DreamCloud is an online mattress company that will take your old mattress off your hands when you upgrade to a new one. This is part of the company’s “white glove delivery” services, which guarantees that all customers receive a premium experience when it comes to their deliveries. But does DreamCloud really remove your mattress for you?

The answer is yes! DreamCloud offers fast, hassle-free pick up services after the new mattress arrives in order to give customers the best possible shopping experience. Not only will they take away any existing mattresses on their truck but they'll also safely recycle or donate them as appropriate. As a bonus, DreamCloud’s pick up services provide convenience as they offer evening and weekend delivery hours. In addition, they also off free shipping on orders over $800.

Because of this service, customers can enjoy buying a new mattress without all the extra stress and waste that would come with disposing of an old one. The recycling process actually helps prevent valuable material ending up in landfill and helps reduce the environmental impact of mattress disposal.

Moreover, it’s important to note that buyers who purchase directly from the DreamCloud website will be eligible for a free mattress removal upon delivery of their new one. However, buyers who purchase outside DreamCloud's website need to be aware that Mattress Removal Services are not included with their order; although it can be purchased for an additional fee at checkout.

To recap, using Dream cloud you won’t have to worry about disposing your old mattress when ordering a new one - because they take it from you and safely recycle or donate it! Now you can peacefully rest assured that after you receive your new dream bed from DreamCloud – the only thing left for you to do is enjoy it!

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Does DreamCloud offer mattress pickup for old mattresses?

DreamCloud offers free mattress pickup when you buy a new mattress with them. It’s a convenient, hassle-free way for customers to dispose of their old mattress. DreamCloud offers this service in over 50 cities across the U.S., so wherever you live your old mattress will be taken away quickly and safely without any burden on you.

When considering to purchase a new mattress, you could be wondering how to take care of your old one while still enjoying the convenience of DreamCloud’s delivery services. DreamCloud comes through in that situation since they do offer free pickup on identical sized mattresses that are being replaced by the DreamCloud upgrade. They also provide free delivery and setup of the new mattress so that all you need to worry about is sleeping on your improved quality of sleep right away!

DreamCloud certainly makes it easier for customers who are upgrading their mattresses by offering free pick up, delivery, and setup services. Moreover, when they pick up an old mattress from your home there is no charge for eco-friendly disposal! They donate any gently used mattresses to local charities in need or responsibly recycle according to regulations for those that can no longer be used. DreamCloud's commitment to recycling or donating all possible mattresses is another great reason why their customers should feel confident about doing business with them; not only have they solved the problem of having an old mattress taking up space in the home but they have ensured it wonl't end up overflowing landfill sites either!

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Does DreamCloud accept mattresses for recycling?

DreamCloud is a mattress company dedicated to delivering restful sleep to customers with top of the line sleep technologies and comfortable materials. But, customers may be curious about what the company does when their mattress reaches the end of its lifespan. The answer to this question is yes, DreamCloud does accept mattresses for recycling. DreamCloud is dedicated not only to providing restful sleep but also to helping the environment by using eco-friendly practices. To reduce landfill waste, DreamCloud offers mattress recycling as an option for their customers. Customers who have a DreamCloud mattress will receive a full refund upon submitting a request on their website and returning their used mattress in good condition within 10 years of purchase. In addition to offering subsequent returns, DreamCloud also works with local charities that specialize in furniture donations, providing much needed mattresses to those who cannot afford them. By upcycling these beds and donating them back into the community, DreamCloud's charitable contributions help promote resilience among those in need. DreamCloud also works with facilities that are able to recycle the materials from used mattresses in an effortless way that helps reduce harm on our planet. Overall, it's clear that Dreamcloud takes great strides to promote eco-friendly practices and sustainable solutions for their products so customers can sleep soundly knowing they're making a positive impact on the environment as well!

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Is DreamCloud a mattress buy-back program?

DreamCloud is a mattress subscription program, not a buy-back program. DreamCloud offers a combination of convenience, affordability and quality when it comes to purchasing mattresses, without the hassle of lugging one around or having to buy in store. Instead of buying a mattress upfront and hoping it will meet your needs, DreamCloud allows customers to try out the mattress before committing to a purchase.

When signing up for DreamCloud's subscription service, customers agree to pay a monthly fee that is spread over 24 months. Within the first 100 nights of using the mattress, if they don't like it they can simply return it hassle-free and receive their money back. This means that customers can sleep on the mattress risk free for an entire month and make sure it meets their expectations before deciding whether or not to keep it.

The subscription also includes two free set-ups so you'll never have to worry about putting together your bedframe—though assembly and delivery are already included in the original cost—plus an additional cleaning every 10 years for only $99 instead of a full purchase price of $240!

So overall, DreamCloud is definitely not a mattress buy back program but rather a great option for those looking for convenience, flexibility and quality in the search for their perfect mattress.

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Does DreamCloud offer a mattress exchange program?

Yes, DreamCloud does offer a mattress exchange program as a way to ensure customer satisfaction. It is a great option for anyone who is looking for an upgrade in their mattress without having to sink more money into the purchase. If a customer's current mattress isn’t meeting expectations or the comfort level has changed, DreamCloud can exchange it for one that does.

The company offers an industry-leading 365-night sleep trial to go along with its mattress exchange program, wherein customers are free to try their mattress for up to a year before deciding whether or not it fits their sleep needs. If within the first year of use, customers find that the mattress is not for them, simply reach out and send DreamCloud photos of your mattress and fill out an online form so they can process the exchange request.

After processing the request, DreamCloud will then send out another mattress as soon as possible at no extra cost. Moreover, any original warranties associated with your first purchase will be honored with the new replacement bed. Customers do need to remember that they must discard the old one after successfully receiving their new mattress—DreamCloud will provide instructions on how to properly dispose of your bedroom equipment responsibly and safely.

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Related Questions

Does DreamCloud sell mattresses?

Yes, DreamCloud sells mattresses.

Can DreamCloud be refolded?

No, DreamCloud cannot be refolded after it is delivered and setup.

What happens if my DreamCloud is damaged?

If your DreamCloud mattress is damaged, you can submit a warranty claim which will replace or repair the defective product.

Is DreamCloud good for back pain?

Yes, DreamCloud offers superior support for back pain relief than traditional foam mattresses due to its combination of memory foam and coils in the hybrid construction design of layers in every mattress model sold at DreamCloud sleepers experience improved spinal alignment whilst eliminating pressure points leading to better overall health and less back pain long-term use.

How do I buy a DreamCloud mattress?

You can buy aDreamCloud mattress online at their website or from one of their many retailers located across North America and Europe.

What is the difference between the DreamCloud Premier and other mattresses?

The difference between theDream Cloud Premierand other models features an European-styleinspired four layer comfort system that promotes optimal cooling technology with enhanced breathability throughout its fabrics allowing for deeper restful night’s sleeps no matter howlong each person stays on bed.

What is the DreamCloud mattress trial period?

The DreamCloud mattress trial period is 365 nights.

Does DreamCloud offer free shipping?

Yes, DreamCloud offers free shipping.

Is DreamCloud a good mattress?

Yes, DreamCloud is a good mattress known for its comfort and durability.

Does DreamCloud cover adjustable bed frames?

Yes, DreamCloud covers adjustable bed frames up to $300 in value with an extended 25-year warranty policy as well as a no-hassle return policy that includes pick-up from your home if within the contiguous US states and Canada (some restrictions may apply).

What is DreamCloud and how does it work?

DreamCloud is an online luxury hybrid mattress company that combines layers of cooling memory foam and latex over individually pocketed coils for maximum stability and for extra pressure relief on key body points such as the shoulders and hips when sleeping or sitting on the edge of the bed without sinking too much into it compared to all foam mattresses.

Does DreamCloud have motion transfer?

Yes, due to its individual pocketed springs encased in separate fabric pockets, reduced noise disturbance between partners during movement can be expected with very minimal motion transfer felt across both sides of the bed surface while providing support evenly throughout each sleepers body while allowing some bounceback feature which many couples tend to appreciate..

Is the DreamCloud Premier a good mattress?

Yes, the DreamCloud Premier is a great mattress.

Does DreamCloud bring good sleep?

Yes, DreamCloud provides excellent sleep quality.

Why is the DreamCloud luxury hybrid so popular?

The DreamCloud luxury hybrid is popular because it combines several types of high-quality foam layers with coil technology for ultimate comfort and support.

How has DreamCloud changed your life?

DreamCloud has improved my sleep quality, reduced stiffness in my body upon waking up and increased overall energy levels throughout the day by providing me with an incredibly supportive and comfortable sleeping surface that helps to reduce pressure points while I'm asleep

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