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Sapphire Sleep mattresses are some of the most luxurious, high-end mattresses on the market, and for good reason. These incredibly comfortable and supportive mattresses are crafted by a company who has a long history of producing fine quality products.

Sapphire Sleep is dedicated to creating exquisite sleeping experiences that help reduce pains and physical discomforts. To achieve this goal, their patented technologies help provide the highest levels of lumbar support – promoting better spinal posture and alignment while still providing plush comfort surface. Furthermore, they keep track of studying, researching and analyzing data on all sorts of topics related to sleep hygiene and quality sleep management.

The spring mattress is made up with specialized coils that deliver incredible supportability for even weight distribution, managing motion transfer for an undisturbed sleep experience. The high-density foam provides plush comfort by conforming to the natural shape of your body, additional edge supports to maximize surface area available to sleep on and further reducing motion transfer; all these state-of-the-art features included in their mattresses will guarantee a restful and restorative night's sleep.

The Sapphire Sleep mattress also features a Tencel Lyocell fabric cover with cooling technology along with an anti-microbial layer that prevents bacterial growth, keeping your mattress smelling as fresh as it does when it arrives at your door! In addition to this magnificent design, Sapphire Sleep is focused on minimizing their global carbon footprint through utilizing eco-friendly packaging with zero emissions during shipping process.

Overall, Sapphire Sleep definitely offers the quote unquote "perfect mattress" if you're looking for a high end luxury supportive coil hybrid mattress that provides great bounciness with exceptional temperature neutrality and also eco-friendliness. From its therapeutic benefits to its unbeatable customer service - these mattresses have been proven to have positive impact on customer's well being - making them one of the top selling luxury brands on the market.

What company manufactures Sapphire Sleep mattresses?

Sapphire Sleep is a mattress company that offers luxury mattress models to its customers in select markets around the world. They are renowned for crafting well-constructed premium mattresses made from only the finest materials. The company was founded by experienced sleep experts and has created many award-winning sleep technologies released in their signature mattresses.

Their signature model, the Sapphire Sleep Luxury Collection, is constructed with organic cotton, gel-infused foam, and an airy layer of breathable latex for enhanced pressure relief. These layers work together to create a sleeping surface that offers superior comfort and relieves aches and pains. In addition, their Sapphire Sleep mattress is equipped with a patented cooling system beneath the mattress layers that draws heat away from your body to help you stay cool throughout the night.

Beyond their mattress offerings, Sapphire Sleep also offers complimentary pillows and bedding items like weighted blankets and sheets to provide customers a complete sleep experience. Additionally, they provide frequent blog posts on topics related to sleep health and wellness that include tips on how to get better rest as well as information about the benefits of their mattresses.

All of these features make Sapphire Sleep one of the leading mattress companies offering exceptional products for those looking for an overall great night's rest.

Where can I buy a Sapphire Sleep mattress?

Are you in search of a mattress that offers superior support and comfort while you sleep? Look no further than Sapphire Sleep! Boasting features such as breathable, temperature-regulating gel-infused foam, a supportive air spring pillow top layer, and edge support, this hybrid mattress is designed to bring ultimate comfort to your sleeping experience.

When it comes to purchase options, you are truly spoiled for choice. For a convenient and straightforward shopping experience, Sapphire Sleep offers the option to buy their hybrid mattress directly through the company website. With speedy delivery straight to your doorstep and no costly re-stocking fees, online shopping through their website has definitely become a popular choice for Sapphire mattress shoppers looking for convenience and affordability.

Alternatively, if you prefer to test out the bed prior to purchasing it, you can also find selected Sapphire Sleep mattresses in select stores depending on your location. Some mattresses are even available for demos at select stores. As such, if you'd like the option of viewing or feeling the physical product before committing to any purchase, then take the time to locate the nearest store that carries the mattress or organize a product demo at your earliest convenience.

No matter what avenue you choose when considering where to buy your new Sapphire Sleep mattress, one thing remains certain: that with its superior quality features combined with easy availability also brings peace of mind knowing that you will be getting comfortable night's rest in no time!

What materials are used to make Sapphire Sleep mattresses?

Sapphire Sleep is known for its high-end mattresses that offer comfort and support for a great night sleep. To achieve this, Sapphire Sleep mattresses are carefully crafted with a variety of materials that work in unison to provide amazing comfort and support.

At the core of the mattress lies a layer of coils made of tempered steel, which provides breathable support. This layer works in tandem with layers of material derived from foam, which forms one third of the mattress’s construction. The foam layers are designed to help contour your body comfortably while offering great pressure relief and movement isolation from your partner. To top off the mattress, there’s also a layer of quilting foam specifically engineered to provide an additional cushioning layer to ensure an even distribution of weight over the mattress so you can sleep better.

On the outside, Sapphire Sleep Mattresses feature a cover made from Tencel™ fabric that wicks away moisture and allows air circulation to keep you cool throughout the night. The cover is also infused with Copper Particles™ to reduce bacteria growth, promote cooling, and reduce skin irritation. All these materials work together to create an unparalleled sleep experience so you can wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated after every night on your Sapphire Sleep Mattress.

What is the price range of Sapphire Sleep mattresses?

Sapphire Sleep mattresses are renowned for their quality and comfort, and the price varies based on several factors. On average, a Sapphire Sleep mattress costs between $800 and $3,000 depending on the type of mattress and the size.

The entry-level mattresses from Sapphire Sleep begin at around $800 for a Basic 10-inch model that offers good comfort as you sleep. If you are looking for more features and enhanced comfort, then there are options that cost up to $2,000. The materials used in these mid-range mattresses include memory foam covers combined with pocket coils, gel memory foam layers, conforming foams, cooling layers and border edge supports. At the highest end of their range is the Luxury range that is available in 11-inch or 13-inch thicknesses. They come with high-density memory foam layers as well as advanced support systems such as adjustable foundations or bed frames. The cost of these luxury models can go all the way up to $3,000.

Ultimately it depends on your unique needs and preferences which mattress you should opt for but whatever your budget you will be able to buy a comfortable and feature rich sapphire sleep mattress from this valuable brand.

What types of comfort levels are available with Sapphire Sleep mattresses?

Sapphire Sleep mattresses provide comfort through a range of different levels to meet various needs and lifestyle requirements. Whether you’re looking for a soft sleep surface, a supportive base, or something in between, Sapphire Sleep mattresses are designed to provide the perfect amount of comfort and support so that you can have a restful night’s sleep.

The plush level is the softest and most luxurious choice. It is ideal for anyone who loves the idea of lying down on clouds and enjoys sinking deeply into the mattress as they sleep. For those seeking more support without sacrificing cloud-like comfort, the luxury plush option provides a customized experience with increased support provided by cushy foam layers, as well as an airy cooling layer to keep your temperature regulated all night long.

Next on the list is firm support. Firm mattresses are designed to provide enhanced body alignment while you sleep so that you wake up feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, instead of stiff or sore. The firm support level provides just enough cushioning while supporting the body’s natural curves so that everyone can find their comfortable spot without losing out on quality shut eye.

Finally, Sapphire Sleep offers their signature Luxury Firm level for those who prefer a bit more cushion but still enjoy getting that extra bit of lift when it comes to sustaining even weight distribution through the night. This specific level will give your body superior contouring and comfort while providing excellent pressure relief for optimal restorative quality rest.

At Sapphire Sleep, we understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to finding your perfect mattress match. That’s why we offer multiple levels of comfort tailored to fit any lifestyle or sleeping preference - from plush luxury to extra-firm support - so you can get an exceptional sleeping experience every single night

Are Sapphire Sleep mattresses available in different sizes?

Sapphire Sleep mattresses are available in a full range of sizes, from twin to king, allowing you to find the perfect fit for you and your family. Every mattress features the unique Sapphire Balance memory foam, with zones that keep the spine aligned and provide ultimate comfort, no matter your size.

The Sapphire Sleep mattress is built using an innovative 8-layer design that combines ultra-supportive materials like pocket springs and high-density memory foams. This combination ensures that regardless of your size, you will get all the support and comfort you need throughout the night. All mattresses come with a 5-year warranty on structural defects and 60 nights of exceptional sleep trial to make sure you love your purchase.

The interior layers are designed to specifically tailor how different sizes respond to body weight differently. The twin size offers firm and soft foam layers while providing plenty of space for single sleepers. For couples or those needing more space, there’s the queen size with more room than a twin but still offering cushioning layers for a comfortable feel. The king size provides plenty of space for two partners along with adjustability for couples who have different sleep preferences on either side of the bed.

Thanks to their broad range of sizes, Sapphire Sleep ensures these mattresses can provide optimal comfort and support in any situation whether that’s an individual sleeping on a twin or a couple sharing a king size mattress.

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