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If your child is a fan of the classic children’s book “Where The Wild Things Are,” then throw them a birthday party that will make them feel as if they were right in Max’s world, with these wild and whimsical decorations!

Start by sprucing up the walls with Where The Wild Things Are wall decals. You can use simple decals featuring characters from the book or splurge on some more intricate designs featuring scenes of both Max and the wild things. Don't forget to also hang up colorful paper lanterns to add an additional layer of fun and whimsy!

Next, adorn each plate with a custom Where The Wild Things Are plate. These inventive plates are decorated with images from your favorite scenes from the book so that you can truly recreate this beloved story for your guests at mealtime. Pair them with fun-colored utensils like purple forks and green knives for extra flare!

No birthday would be complete without sweet treats, so be sure to have plenty of Where The Wild Things Are themed cupcakes in festive colors like yellow, blue and red – just like those featured in popular illustrations from the books! Add some razzle-dazzle by topping your cupcakes off with a fondant Max helmet or some edible colorful stars.

Finally, finish off this adventure-filled day by surprising each guest upon their departure with special favors! For instance, you could stuff their goodie bags full of Mark's monstrous crowns ready to help turn any night into an exciting journey through his world filled with mischief and merriment!

So when it comes time to throw an unforgettable Where The Wild Things Are birthday bash that everyone will love – all you need are creative decorations such as these ones listed above for making fanciful memories that last long past their special day!

Where can I purchase Where the Wild Things Are themed party supplies?

As children, Maurice Sendak's "Where the Wild Things Are" touched our hearts, sparking our imaginations and inspiring the wild adventures we went on in our minds. For many, this childhood classic has a special place in their heart. Now adults can reminisce while having fun by throwing their very own Where the Wild Things Are themed party!

If you’re looking to throw a memorable bash that celebrates one of your favorite childhood classics, there are plenty of places to purchase Where The Wild Things Are themed decorations and supplies for your party.

To start off your decorations with some unique flair, try browsing Etsy for handmade plates and napkins that feature lovable illustrations from the book. You can even find custom monogrammed kiddie adventure kits complete with custom printed fabric swatches decorated with Max’s cape pattern for each guest to wear during the party! It’s definitely a unique way to make sure all of your guests feel included in Max’s wild rumpus!

To really add some fun visual touches to your area, go online or shop at stores like Target and Party City where you can find tablecloths featuring motifs from Where The Wild Things Are as well as cartoon-printed balloons shaped like crowns or moons hanging over fields of flowers. You don’t want to forget about streamers either—they not only provide pops of color but also help tie together all elements throughout the entire area.

Should you choose a more formal atmosphere for adults-only gatherings then look no further than Zazzle where you'll find dinnerware sets festooned with character images from Sendak's iconic illustrations. And Jollity & Co also carries an extensive inventory ranging from favor boxes adorned with cuddly monsters complete jungle green cups topped off furry monster stirrers if you fancy going overboard on creature-themed goodies!

Whatever route you take when it comes time picking out supplies for your very own vibrant journey into Sendak's fantasy world remember that once there: wherever it is—wild things will be waiting there too so why not make them feel right at home?

Are there any Where the Wild Things Are special celebration packages available?

When someone talk about special celebration packages, they may think of birthday parties or holiday get-togethers. But what about a Where the Wild Things Are themed celebration?

As an iconic story and movie, Where the Wild Things Are is a great way to celebrate any occasion. And with so many special package offerings out there, you can truly make your event unique and memorable. From pre-made cookie kits for baking at home to festive banners for decorating your walls, there’s something available for everyone.

One popular package is from Etsy’s Mama Mulligan Party Supplies business where you can purchase custom invitations and decorations in their “Where the Wild Things Are – Max & His Furry Monsters” collection. The set includes everything from confetti and garland to cupcake toppers featuring fan favorites like Carol and Moishe! If you want more of an all-in-one package deal, checkout Etsy's Sunshinepartystudio “Where The Wild Things Playing Day” party bundle which includes food tents, table cloths and wild thing hats!

For even more ideas on how to throw a wild thing themed party or event check out Pinterest boards such as “Wild Thing Birthday Ideas: How To Throw A Super Fun Birthday With These Ideas!” You'll be sure to find plenty of inspiring photos that capture the epic fun of Where The Wild Things Are while adding your own spin. Whichever way you decide go just remember that when it comes to celebrating anything special - Where The Wild Things will never cease being amazing!

How can I find Where the Wild Things Are themed decorations for a birthday party?

Where the Wild Things Are is a classic book beloved by both kids and adults alike, so why not transform your next birthday party into the fantastical world of Max and the Wild Things? With an eclectic mix of decorations, you can bring to life all the enchantment that this book offers.

One way to find Where The Wild Things Are themed decorations is through online stores like Etsy or Amazon. Here you will find a variety of decorations ranging from banners and wall decals, to masks and costumes. You can also pick up bibs, gift bags, centerpieces, plates, cups, napkins and more! These whimsical items are sure to delight any youngster lucky enough to be invited to your special birthday party.

Beyond simply buying already-made decorations you can get creative with DIY projects! Get crafting with construction paper beast masks or make hanging stars out of paper lanterns by spray painting them silver or gold in some strategic spots. If painting isn’t your strong suit then wrap twine around mason jars for a neutral look that still screams “wild things”. Hang tissue pom poms from trees outdoors as statement décor - because what kid wouldn’t love running around beneath colorful tassels?

Fill each chair at the table with DIY swag bags filled appropriate trinkets such as coloring books featuring ferocious creatures from their favorite book– draw each one on brown paper bags for an extra touch of fun! Just remember that if there isn't time for many crafts– store bought items can suffice too - just personalize it when possible (for example: add names onto cups).

No matter what kind of unique customizations accompany your Where The Wild Things Are theme party– it is bound to be wild fun that everyone will remember!

Are there any stores that sell Where the Wild Things Are themed birthday banners?

If you’re looking for a Where the Wild Things Are themed birthday banner, you have several options! Although there aren't many stores that specifically cater to those who are looking for speciality items like this, you can find an array of offerings through different online retailers.

Amazon and Etsy are great places to start, as they have a wide array of customizable banners created from high-quality materials. Designs range from classic imagery from the beloved children’s book to more modern art featuring Max and the Wild Things crew. With your custom designs printed onto vinyl or even fabric banners, these banners are sure to look great at any child's birthday celebration!

You can also find plenty of smaller online shops offering awesome homemade goods with Where The Wild Things Are themes in mind. Here, you could not only find stunningly crafted hand-sewn banners but also explore cute accessories such as cupcake toppers, backdrop decorations and favors shaped like crowns or small wild things plush toys! If you search around on social media platforms like Instagram or Pinterest in addition to webstores, I'm sure you will be thrilled with the endless selection available for this theme. Such pieces not only make party planning easier but ensure everyone is treated to an already wild experience!

What type of Where the Wild Things Are festive tableware is available for a birthday party?

Throwing an unforgettable birthday party for your little Wild Thing deserves the perfect festive tableware! Whether you are searching for plates to pile high with food, cups to wash it down with, or something extra special, there is a Where the Wild Things Are themed selection waiting.

Let’s start with plates. Baby-size dinnerware featuring Max, Carol, and all their “Wild Thing” friends will give any child a fun and novel way to enjoy their favorite foods. Available in both round or square shapes and bright colors that coordinate nicely with common party decorations—pink or blue—your guests are sure to love them.

Cups are another great way to bring the theme into the dining experience. Consider paper cups that feature characters from Maurice Sendak’s beloved classic and transform an ordinary drink into an adventure worth celebrating! And when it comes time for dessert or snacks why not get bowls printed with Topps illustrations from the hit movie? Every bite will be sweeter than known taste when accompanied by such a whimsical design.

For younger children try animal-shaped finger foods, bite-sized treats that replicate all of Max’s furry friends, including KW (the king of course!), Judith (the mommy!), Alexander (the one who cried big tears!) etc. This type of food art is sure to keep any child entertained while they explore all they can eat… because Where The Wild Things Are!

Lastly don't forget those extra special items like crowns and masks which kids can wear while they feast like Kings of their own domain just like Max did in the original book! From giant birthday hats featuring everyone's favorite characters alongside many more creative options — you won't be left wondering where wild things come from; you'll know exactly where these terrific selections come from....Your festive tableware provider!

Are there any Where the Wild Things Are birthday balloons available for purchase?

If you are looking for Where the Wild Things Are birthday balloons, you've come to the right place! In honor of this beloved children's book and classic movie, there are now a variety of Where the Wild Things Are birthday balloons available for purchase.

These fun and festive decorations feature all your favorite characters from the story and will certainly light up any child’s party. You can easily find balloon bouquets featuring Max with his wolf suit and cape, King of all Monsters wielding his crown, as well as many other popular figures like The Bull and The Lily. Featuring bright colors, these balloons look amazing when placed in bunches around your celebration area.

Many online stores offer a wide selection at reasonable prices along with convenient shipping options that make it easier to add these characters to your event planning checklist. Depending on how many guests you expect at your get-together or where it is being held, you can mix up different size balloons from large 12” latex ones to standard 9” Mylar shapes that features a printed filmscape from the beloved movie.

With a bit of imagination and creative flair you can use Where the Wild Things Are birthday balloons to craft an imaginative environment perfect for any special occasion involving young ones like birthdays or sleepovers.

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