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When it comes to selecting a pillow insert, size matters. After all, you can spend hours creating the perfect pillow cover but if it doesn’t have a corresponding pillow form it will be completely worthless. When the pillow cover you chose is 17 x 17 inches, choosing the right size of insert is essential in order to make your dream pillow come alive.

The most important factor when determining what size of pillow insert one needs for a 17 x 17 inch pillow cover is how full and plush you want your pillow to look. Generally speaking, for this particular size of a cover, a 19 inch by 19 inch insert is ideal for a more full and plush look. This size should ensure that the pillows fluffiness extends outside the edges of the cover giving it a nice rounded look. Expect some bulge on either side of the cover since this is expected with this particular size of an insert. However, if you prefer less fullness and puffiness in your pillows then selecting an insert with dimensions smaller than 17 x 17 inches should do the trick quite nicely.

You should also take into account how heavy you’d like your final product to be when deciding what size of an insert to use in your 17 x 17 inch pillow covers. Bulkier inserts such as down and feather pillows are naturally heavier than those made from synthetic materials like memory foam or polyester batting and thus provide more firmness and support when placed under a lightweight cloth or leather fabric outer layer. This heavy filling also creates more visual interest as it bunches up against the fabric walls providing extra plumpness to your decorative cushions. If lighter weight inserts are preferred for aesthetic appeal then opting for something smaller than 19 inches may be the right move.

Ultimately, selecting the right size insert for your 17 x 17 inch pillow covers depends on personal preferences and needs but going with either 19 by 19 or 18 by 18 inch inserts should result in quality outcomes that make any decor look beautiful!

What size is the optimal pillow insert for a 20 x 20 cover?

When shopping for a 20 x 20 pillow insert, it helps to understand what constitutes an optimal size. The actual size of the pillow insert should be slightly larger than the dimensions of the cover you’re using. An 18”x 18” insert is typically the standard size for this pillow cover size, though a larger option of 19”x 19” may be more ideal and provide better support if you prefer a firmer feel.

For those that want a plush yet supportive look, it may be beneficial to use an insert that is two inches larger than your pillow cover. For pillow covers that measure 20"x20", this means selecting an insert that is 22"x22". This ensures that your insert fills out the cover nicely and prevents it from looking too flat or empty. When fluffing it before use, manipulating the corners or sides of your pillow insert can help you create any number of styles for your space.

In addition to finding the correct measurements for your pillow inserts, consider its fill material as well. Many options are available such as down, feather or polyfil with varying levels of softness and support depending on your preference. As with any purchase, it always helps to read reviews and compare prices from a few different sources so you can find the best deal when shopping online.

Overall, choosing the right size and type of pillows inserts play an important role in achieving a well coordinated look in any living space. With some thought put into what constitutes an optimal pillow insert size as well as where to source them from at the best prices, you'll be able to find ideal inserts for all your decorative needs!

What type of pillow insert should be used with a 14 x 24 cover?

Given the variety of materials used for pillow inserts, it’s wise to start with the basics when selecting an insert for a 14 x 24 pillow cover. Polyester or foam inserts are great choices for this size of a pillow because they’re both durable and supportive.

Polyester is sometimes referred to as “hollow” fiber because it is actually made up of tiny little tubes that are filled with air. This provides support and comfort while allowing airflow through the cushion – preventing sleepers from becoming too hot during the night. These types of pillows often come in three different densities – soft, medium, and firm – so you can pick whatever feels comfortable for you.

Foam pillows are great alternatives to polyester inserts since they come in more densities and thicknesses, allowing you to select one that best fits your body type and preferences. Foam pillows offer additional support to those who require more firmness while sleeping as well. Many opt for foam inserts due to their “bounce-like” quality which helps reduce pressure on sore spots throughout the night.

When selecting a pillow insert for any size cover, it’s always important to think about what type of product best suits your needs – ensuring that you stay comfortable all night long! Whether you decide on a polyester or foam insert for your 14 x 24 pillow cover, make sure that it’s dense enough to provide proper support yet supple enough not to feel too stiff.

What is the best type of pillow insert for a 18 x 18 pillow sham?

When choosing the best type of pillow insert for a 18 x 18 pillow sham, it is important to look for quality and comfort. Although there are different fillings available, the most popular types today are made of down, synthetic down, and memory foam.

Down pillow inserts provide the most luxurious shape and feel, as they are acutely responsive to body temperature and weight. These fillings offer a greater insulation value than their synthetic counterparts helping to regulate your body temperature while you sleep. However, some people may find that these pillows can cause allergies.

Memory foam inserts are incredibly supportive which makes them great for side sleepers or those with pain or discomfort in their neck or shoulders. They easily contour to your body shape and make for a good night’s sleep with no shifting or movment of the filling necessary. Memory foam also offers good breathability so your face won’t become hot and sweaty during the night like some other forms of filling do.

Synthetic down pillows have a similar feel to natural down but without all of the allergens associated with it. Synthetic materials used in these pillows are much more durable than natural ones so you don't need to worry about replacing them after a short period of use. Most synthetic fillers makes the least amount of noise when undergoing compression compared to natural fibers so you won’t be disrupted by any rustling noises during your sleep.

Each filling will offer a unique feel, comfort level and need for maintenance so be sure to choose carefully when selecting an insert for your 18 x 18 pillow sham!

What size is the suggested pillow insert for a 16 x 16 throw pillow?

When searching for the perfect pillow insert to accompany a 16 x 16 throw pillow, there are a few important factors that should be taken into consideration. For starters, the ideal size for a 16 x 16 throw pillow is 18"x18”. This allows for a more full, pillowy look and feel when laid on your couch or bed. It’s also recommended that you opt for an overstuffed option for a firm fit which will help the pillow stay in place and to prevent it from clumping up in the corner of your furniture. That said, finding one with the right amount of stuffing can prove difficult. Depending on material and make of your pillow cover, consider purchasing either down alternative or memory foam inserts to use with thinner fabrics and lighter fabrics respectively. Another tip when selecting an insert is to ensure that it is slightly larger than its casing so as to fit properly without losing shape or becoming undeveloped over time.

Ultimately, choosing the right size insert as well as one made from high quality materials will help ensure that your throw pillow looks attractive and remains comfortable throughout its intended use. With careful consideration and careful selection, you should be able to find the perfect insert for your 16 x 16 throw pillow that will leave everyone's furniture looking great!

What size should the pillow insert be for a 20 x 20 decorative pillow?

When shopping for a 20 x 20 decorative pillow cover, the insert is just as important as its exterior counterpart. If the pillow insert is too small, the decorative cover will look lumpy and saggy; too big, and it’ll overfill the cover and create an awkward looking pillow. It’s a fine line that requires careful measurement to walk it accurately every time.

To get it just right, you need a pillow insert that is one inch larger on all sides than your decorative cover size. So for a 20 x 20 inch pillow, you should buy an insert that measures 21 x 21 inches. Twenty-one is not an impossible size to find in stores or online; some places may even list inserts under the sizes “20 Plus” or “21 Inch Square” to represent this larger size fit. Even better, if you’re looking for inserts of different sizes, there are many customizable materials and options to choose from that allow you to create inserts in-store or order whatever size you like directly from suppliers. Pillow inserts may be crafted from different materials such as polyester fiber fill and foam.

As long as you measure carefully and buy an insert one inch larger in each direction than your desired decorative pillow cover size, you can easily craft beautiful accent pillows with ease!

What size pillow insert should be used for a 13 x 22 pillow cover?

The answer to this question will depend on how full or deep the pillow is desired to be. If you want a full and plush look, then you can use a 15 x 23 pillow insert. Although the size of the insert is larger than the cover, this allows for maximum fluffiness of the pillow and results in more attractive overhang on each side. Furthermore, if a good quality insert is used it will have good rebound potential so that it does not sag over time.

However, if you prefer something less bulky and more 'fitted' for a thin modern look, you can use an 13 x 21 pillow insert. This option creates a slightly snugger fit which still looks very neat and makes for a clean modern profile without any overhang on the sides. While it does not give quite as much volume as the larger insert, it still looks great and provides enough fill to be comfortable.

In conclusion, when choosing an appropriate pillow insert size for a 13 x 22 pillow cover—it simply depends on your preference and desired aesthetic. If you want something bulky and plush then go with a 15x23 size; if thin with subtle appearance is preferred then choose 13x21 size. In either case, make sure to select high quality inserts that can provide excellent comfort with proper support while maintaining appearance over time.

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