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There are a few different ways to say kitchen in Chinese. One way is to simply say the word for kitchen, which is kèjiān (厨房). Another way is to say the word for room, which is kōngjiān (空间), and add the word for kitchen, which is chúfáng (厨房).

If you want to be more specific, you can say the word for stove, which is chúfáng (炊具), or the word for oven, which is kǎnrénjī (烤箱).

When discussing kitchen utensils, it is important to know the word for knife, which is dāo (刀). Other common kitchen utensils include spoons (勺子), forks (叉子), and chopsticks (筷子).

It is also helpful to know the word for food, which is shíwù (食物), as well as the word for cook, which is chúfáng (厨师).

What is the word for kitchen in Chinese?

There is no one-word translation for "kitchen" in Chinese, as there is no direct equivalent for the Western concept of a room dedicated specifically to cooking. However, there are several ways to refer to kitchens and cooking in Chinese.

One common way to refer to a kitchen is as chu fang (厨房), which literally means "cooking room." This is generally used to describe a more formal or traditional kitchen, such as in a restaurant. Another common term is shao kao fang (烧烤房), which means "grill room" and refers to a kitchen with a grill or open fire.

For more general reference to cooking, one can use terms such as zuo can (做餐), which means "to make a meal," or chi can (吃餐), which means "to have a meal."

In addition to these specific terms, there are also a number of more general words and phrases that can be used to talk about kitchens and cooking in Chinese. These include terms such as huo de (火的), which means "fire," and can be used to refer to both the kitchen stove and the act of cooking; shui de (水的), which means "water," and can be used to refer to both kitchen sink and the act of washing dishes; and zuo shi (做实), which means "to do the cooking."

How do you say kitchen in Mandarin Chinese?

In Mandarin Chinese, the word for kitchen is 厨房 (chúfáng).

The word 厨房 (chúfáng) is composed of two characters: 厨 (chú), which means "cook" or "chef", and 房 (fáng), which means "room". Put together, 厨房 (chúfáng) therefore means "room where food is prepared".

If you need to refer to a specific kitchen utensil or appliance, there are many different words for these in Mandarin Chinese. For example, the word for "stove" is 灶 (zào), while the word for "oven" is 烤箱 (kǎoxiāng).

Here is a list of some other common kitchen-related words in Mandarin Chinese:

食物 (shíwù): food

食材 (shícái): ingredients

烹饪 (pēngrèn): to cook

炊具 (chuíjù): cooking utensils

锅 (guō): pot

盘 (pán): plate

碗 (wǎn): bowl

勺 (sháo): spoon

刀 (dāo): knife

筷 (kuài): chopsticks

When it comes to actually cooking a meal, there are Mandarin Chinese words for all of the different steps involved. For example, the word for "to fry" is 炒 (chǎo), while the word for "to bake" is 烤 (kǎo).

So, how do you say "kitchen" in Mandarin Chinese? The word is 厨房 (chúfáng)!

How do you say kitchen in Cantonese?

There isn't a direct translation for kitchen in Cantonese, but there are a few ways to refer to it. One common way is to simply describe it as the place where food is prepared, so you might say "the room with the stove and the fridge."

Another way to talk about the kitchen is to use the word for "cooking." So you might say "I'm going to go do some cooking" or "I need to go to the store to get some ingredients for cooking."

You could also refer to the kitchen as the place where you eat meals. So you might say "let's go eat in the kitchen" or "I'm going to set the table in the kitchen."

Of course, there are many other ways to talk about the kitchen in Cantonese, depending on the context. But these are just a few examples to get you started.

What is the Chinese word for stove?

The Chinese word for stove is 炉. 炉子 (Lua) is a more common term used to refer to a stove. 火炉 (Huolu) is another word for stove that is more often used in a formal setting.

Both 炉 and 炉子 can be used to refer to the stove in a kitchen. In a more general sense, 炉 can also refer to any type of furnace used for heating, such as a blast furnace. 炉子 is usually used to refer to a small, portable stove that is used for cooking or heating.

炉 originally meant “cave” or “dwelling” and referred to the central fireplace in a home where families would gather to keep warm and cook. The character is made up of two parts – 火 which means “fire” and 卤 which refers to “salt” or “brine”. Over time, the meaning of 炉 shifted to refer specifically to the stove.

炉子 is a more common word used to refer to a stove. The term can be used for both kitchen stoves and small, portable stoves. The character 子 is a diminutive marker that is often used to create terms of endearment or to refer to something small. Thus, 炉子 literally means “little stove”.

火炉 is another word for stove that is more often used in a formal setting. The character 火 means “fire” and 炉 means “stove”. 火炉 is a more formal way of saying “stove” and is often used in written language or in more formal settings.

What is the Chinese word for refrigerator?

The Chinese word for refrigerator is "bingxiang." It literally means "ice box" or "ice chests." In addition to bingxiang, there are a couple other ways to say "refrigerator" in Chinese. One is "dongneng bingxiang" (冷藏冰箱), which means "cold storage ice box." You could also say "lengcang bingxiang" (冷藏冰箱), which means "cold storage ice chest."

What is the Chinese word for sink?

There is no one answer to this question as the Chinese language is made up of many different dialects, each with its own word for sink. However, some of the most common words for sink in Mandarin Chinese are basin (盆), bowl (碗), and cup (杯). In Cantonese, common words for sink include basin (盆), bowl (碗), and cup (盞). Other dialects of Chinese may have different words for sink, so it is always best to check with a native speaker or consult a good Chinese dictionary.

What is the Chinese word for counter?

The Chinese word for counter is shi. It is used in a variety of ways, most commonly to refer to a table or countertop. In some cases it may also refer to a machine or device used for counting, such as a cash register.

What is the Chinese word for cupboard?

A cupboard is a piece of furniture with doors and shelves that is used for storage. The word "cupboard" is derived from the Old English word "cubbard" which means "a chest with doors."

The Chinese word for "cupboard" is "guìzi" (pronounced gway-dzuh). This word is composed of two characters: "guì" which means "wooden" and "zi" which means "box." Together, these characters form the word "guìzi" which means "cupboard."

Cupboards are often used in kitchens for storing dishes, food, and other supplies. They can also be found in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallways. Cupboards are usually made of wood, but they can also be made of other materials such as metal or plastic.

When shopping for a cupboard, it is important to consider the size, style, and material that you want. You should also think about how much storage space you need and where you will place the cupboard in your home.

What is the Chinese word for dishwasher?

The Chinese word for dishwasher is kuaizi. It is a household appliance that is used to clean dishes. Dishwashers are typically made of stainless steel and use detergent and hot water to clean dishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you drink in Mandarin Chinese?

There are a few ways to drink in Mandarin Chinese. One way is to use the word gānbēi (干杯, “dry cup”). When clinking glasses, be sure your glasses are at even level as high will indicate you believe yourself to be of higher status and lower will be interpreted as the opposite. Another way to drink is to say wéiqí (换杯, “change glass”). Finally, another way to drink is tú huàiguǐ (托腔, “to pour water into one's basin”), which is often done when drinking soup or tea.

How to learn vocabulary for house in Chinese?

In order to learn vocabulary to talk about the house in Chinese, you can use flashcards which are super handy and you can also watch some Youtube videos on how to learn a language.

How do you say thanks in Mandarin Chinese?

Thank you: 谢谢 – xiè xiè You're welcome: 不客气 – bú kè qì

How do you say “common language” in Chinese?

你好,普通话。 (Nǐ hǎo, pútōng huà.) “Hello, Mandarin.”

What kind of drinks can you drink in China?

In China, you can drink a variety of drinks including: beer, wine, liquor, soy milk tea (chá liàu), and other hot beverages like sweetened condensed milk tea (xīng qiāo té).

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